"Your computer is not on the internet" -Activation Error

Hello FAW Community,

I purchased Sublab this afternoon. It looks like an excellent product, and unfortunately there was no demo available so I thought I’d take the plunge and make the purchase.

However I haven’t been able to activate the product. When I paste or type my activation code into plugin to activate it i receive the following error message:

“Your computer is not on the internet. You’ll need to connect and try again!”

I am certain my computer is connected to the internet and have tested the connection.

Can anyone offer any assistance or guidance on how to solve this problem please?

I’m addicted to bass and need a fix!!!

Warm Regards,

Hi Cheffy,

Do you use any security software, firewalls, or proxy servers?

Take care,

Hello Julia,
I can 100% assure you I have turned off all or any security software, firewalls, or proxy servers. And I am positive that I have no network utilities of any kind running on my system.

Have a good one,

Same issue and 404 error when you try to go to the activation page for OFFLINE activation too.

Hi @cheffy30

Are you on mac or PC?

Take care,

Hi @JV1

Are you talking about SubLab or Circle?

Let me know,

circle, i can try it again today

It was Maschine, it Activated in Ableton

So you’re all good @JV1?

Seeking offline activation after troubleshooting

Hello, help needed

I have upgraded from 10.10.5 to 10.11 and that fixed my "not valid 64 bit AAX plugin problem", now I am getting "your computer is offline" error, I have troubleshooted and turned off all firewalls, turned off OS system firewall, tried safari as default browser, tried chrome and turned off all security features, same error. Is there a way I can utilize offline activation as this is clearly not working?