Sublad Activation Your pc is offline error

i just installed a new disk in my pc im guessing thats the issue how do i solve it?

@soulyah, have you tried reinstalling SubLab? Also make sure that you can connect to the internet.

Let me know how it goes, I’m on hand to help.


thnx for the reply Gavin , yes i tried reinstalling with no success still get the same error message that im off line, 200% sure i had internet connec at very moment of trying. I purchased thru Plugin Boutique maybe you guys can doble check the purchase and resend me the installer new code whatever . thnx

Ok, I recommend trying out our latest beta version and see if that solves the problem @soulyah.

You can download it here:
Windows 1.1.7 Beta 2


Hey Gavin i removed the previous download and all related to it folders everything, installed 1.1.7 beta 2 same error please advice thnx

GAVIN its been so long and i still can use my stuff can i get another plug or get my money back im starting to feel some type of way now bro.