Add me to the list of people who can't activate Sublab

I’m on Cubase 11, the most recent Sublab, and Windows 10. The activation panel says I’m not connected to the internet, but I am (that’s how I’m writing on this forum on the same computer).

I already emailed support but no response. Need a fix ASAP so I can use the product I paid for.

Hey @Noel_G,

Let me look into it here…in the meantime can you try installing the latest version of SubLab v1.1.6

I’ve sent you the links via instant message.


Hi Noel,
Any action on this? What happened? Been waiting a week or more now since buying. I was contacted on the 9th Jan saying they were looking into it but this seems like a common problem.

I am waiting for a response, been nearly 20 days… still having the activation issue, is there a way to activate offline, I have done everything possible, unsafely turned off firewall on my dedicated music machine which is never intended to go online in the first place, I’ve connected through LAN to the router, still no luck, tried both standalone and pro tools version. I was hoping to hear back and get some help on this, is there no way to activate offline at all?? I would like to know if I need to get a refund before my deadline expires and I end up getting stuck with a plugin that I can’t even use… was really looking forward to using this for production

Hi @Carl & @aMoss5150 sorry about this guys - we are looking into it. If we’re not able to get you up and running, we’ll issue you a refund. Hang tight :pray:

Thanks for the response Julia, the reassurance goes a long way, really been hearing lots of praise from important people about SubLab, I’ll just take this as a pre-order period haha! Anyway, best of luck, really hope y’all can get this sorted!