Sublab not activated anymore after installing 1.1.3

Hi I had 1.1 installed on both my Home and Studio computer, so far so good. But after installing 1.1.3 on both, it wants me to reactivate. Both Pcs are Windows 10 and I’m using Ableton Live 10.1 with VST2
Additionally it eats another activation slot.
So the issue now is, that I can’t work at the studio since it says I’ve already activated all 3 slots.
I’ve sent an support request on Saturday. I get it, it’s the weekend, but I have not heard back until now.
I’ve got to work on the project and now it won’t open in the studio.

Please help!

Hey @bar

Did Julia sort out your activation slot? She clears the backlog that comes in over the weekend on Mondays.


Yes, thanks!
I have slots available now. Will check in the studio, but should activate now.

I hope you can implement something like a manual deactivation, as this quite unfortunately happened on the weekend and all work has to stop because of a plugin which was activated wants to get reactivated.

Hey @bar,

Yes, manual deactivation would be useful. How I imagine it would work is that you’d be able to deactivate sublab on a computer and then free up the slot. The only thing is that you’d need to be connected to the internet in-order to do so.


The problem with that, is that it would not have prevented the problem I’ve had this weekend.
It would help certainly to move licenses from one computer to another.

I’ve checked this now on Studio PC and found the following:
Actually right now all 3 slots are used again, although I did only install on 2 computers. I’m not sure how this happened, but there is something wrong still. (Or Julia did not clear all 3 slots initially?)

I think it’s a bug. I have something screwy going on with mine too. If it opens older SubLab projects it ask to activate but if you close that project out and start from scratch it opens. Julia reset my slots but it still does it.

@Big_T, let me look into this one for you. Also, please make sure your up-to-date with the latest version.

I’ll need the steps to recreate the bug…can you tell me what I need to exactly what you are doing in clear steps eg.

  1. Create a project in Logic (or what ever) and add sublab to a track.
  2. Close project then open again etc…

If I get these steps we’ll be able to fix the bug guaranteed!