I have moved PC's thanks to an upgrade, but support wont answer to help switch

I own regular Sublab and bought every pack for it. I had been using it for a couple years and now that I’ve swapped PC’s, and found my activation code, I cant load it on my new PC. The gui for Sublab shows up but I can’t rid of the activation screen. I sent a request in for support almost 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing back but auto-answer emails. I listed in the email, I can prove / verify that it is me in any way necessary, but I’d like to get my Sublab back so I can use it on my new PC, and still haven’t heard a thing.

Hey @Keys

Sorry for the delay on this! I looked up your support tickets and my colleague responded to them. Maybe the messages are going to your spam box?

Either way, I was able to look up your activation code and your activation slots aren’t filled. So it seems like something else is going on that’s causing this issue.

Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of SubLab?

If not, please download :point_right: this installer

Quit your DAW, then run the installer and reboot your PC when install is complete. Then launch SubLab again and try to activate. Let me know if that works or not :pray:

Take care,

Actually - I’m also sending you a new activation code via DM. Could you check your inbox and try using that new code first?

Thank you so much for all the assistance, it works perfectly! Have a good day!

Awesome, glad to hear that you’re back up and running :raised_hands:

Happy to help!