Resetting activation for my Sublab license

Hi Team,

I hope you are all well!

I’ve raised a 2nd support case with you recently to request that my activations/machine ID’s be reset as i had to rebuild my PC and now it seems that all three Machine ID are full.

I didn’t receive any response to my first request, and reading here i can understand that you have a small team in support (as someone who works support as well, i know how difficult this can be) but is anyone please able to assist? it is frustrating to not be able to work on my existing projects that have SubLab in them… and there are quite a few!

Many thanks,


Hey Liam,

Hmm, looks like something went wrong - I just had a look and Ellis responded to both your tickets. Maybe our first message wound up in your spam?

Most importantly, your code has been reset now :pray:

Take care,