Sublab keeps asking for activation code on second device

Yo, so I put Sublab on my pc and it works great btw. Go to put it on my laptop and I put in the activation code, only to be prompted to put it in again the next time I opened sublab. I’m on windows, in MPC2, and the 64 bit version of sublab. On my account its says Sublab has been activated on the second device as well.

Hey @joeqwerty91,

We’ve got a beta ready of SubLab, do you want to check it out? I’ve sent you the link via private message. We also clear slots no problem, so don’t worry about using up your activations :+1:


It’s working fine now.

The activation code issue is fixed as well. Thanks!

Would I be able to get the beta version too? Once I updated to 1.1.3, it keeps asking for the activation code. Now it says that I used it too many time? Please help!

Hi Edmund,

I’ve just sent you the beta link in our FAW Support correspondence!

Take care,