SubLab asks you to activate muliple times on Windows


We’re having reports coming that for some people SubLab is asking for the activation code multiple times on Windows.

Here are couple of steps that would be good to have you go through.

  1. Is the FAW install folder existing on your hardrive? Its location is C:/Program Files/FAW/SubLab

  2. If this folder exists, can you try to activate and directly after doing so, check inside C:/Program Files/FAW/SubLab/ and do you see a file sublab.kfp?

  3. If you right click on /FAW/SubLab/ and select “Properties” then select the “Security” tab you should see the permissions for the folder. Can you click “Advanced” and then take a screen shot of what comes up. This will list the permissions on the SubLab folder. Once you have taken this image, please send it over to me at or post below as a message attachment.

Thanks and looking forward to getting to the bottom of this one!

Hi Gavin,
sent the screenshot to support.

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Great, thanks @Paul! When I get the notification I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

Hi Gavin,
Any update on the problem? I’ll send my screenshot as soon as I can as well.

@vladx124 I went through it with @Paul here and it seems that in his case he was using a USB key to connect to the internet while activating and then once activated the key was removed. Are you doing something similiar, either using a key or network card that you disable once you activate?


@Gavin_FAW I’m connected through an ethernet on my laptop. For me my Sublab stays activated until I restart my computer, and then it asks to activate again. My Sublab folder is in the same directly you outlined and I have a sublab.kfp file.
ps. sent my screenshot to support

@vladx124 are you using a mac address spoofer or anything else that would change your computers mac address between restarts?

Thanks for the reply Gavin,
I don’t think so, is there any way to check for this?

Hey Gavin,
I just sent you some screenshots to. In my case I use my smartphone (tethering) to connect my studio computer to the web.
When I try to activate again, I get the message: “you’ve used your code on to many computers”.
Is there allready a solution?

Just to add to the discussion, I bought my copy from pluginboutique, not sure if that changes anything though.

Has anyone actually received a response and solution regarding this issue?!


Again, tethering your iphone to connect will more than likely cause the same problem.

We have a working solution to this and are right now testing and making sure it works ok. I’ll update here.

@vladx124, it won’t have anything to do with Plugin Boutique.

Thank you for the update.
I am really looking forward to your solution!

@Gavin_FAW Any idea how long the testing will take?

We’re working away on it here @Animo, we’ll update the beta testing thread when we have a version ready for test that includes the fix.

My issue was solved with the new update.