Didnt receive activation code for sublab

Hello i was just wondering if this is a common issue? im kinda worried that i didnt get one upon purchase. can someone help me on this please?

You most definitely should have received an activation code for SubLab if you purchased from us.

What may have happened is that the code could have ended up in your spam folder. If you want to send a mail through to support@futureaudioworkshop.com @ellis will guide you through it :+1:

yeah i thought the same thing. but i checked everywhere and including my spam folder, and nothing.

@suarezbros The same thing happened to me yesterday too. I reached out to their email support and got it sorted out.

Ok thanks for the info guys…I’m going to keep an eye on things and see if something is up.

Hey guys :wave:

Yes, sorry about that! We sold out of codes briefly. You all have a code inside your FAW Account now :pray:

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I didn’t receive an an activation code either to my email. I emailed support but haven’t received a response.

@Julia can you get @LPF9000 setup, seems he didn’t get a code…


Hey :wave: Can you send me a DM with your purchase info (name, email)? I’ll make sure you get you activation code.

Hey @LPF9000 - never mind! I just responded to your message on support. You should be all good to go now :slightly_smiling_face: