Why Sublab make me re-activate the code?

i’m using one computer and i have already activated the code. But few days later, sublab let me activate one more. it seems like related with Windows10 update, when windows update done, plugin recognize by a different computer. So i can’t use sublab now. Please give me solution.[quote=“Gavin_FAW, post:1, topic:395”]

  1. o activate and directly after doing so, check inside C:/Program Files/FAW/SubLab/ and do you see a file sublab.kfp?
  2. If you right click on /FAW/SubLab/ and select “Properties” then select the “Security” tab you should see the permissions for the folder. Can you click “Advanced” and then take a screen shot of what comes up. This will list the permissions on the SubLab folder. Once you have taken this image, please send it over to me at support@futureaudioworkshop.com or post below as a message attachment.

Thanks and looking forward to getting to the bottom of this one!

Hey @flagship718

Are you using the latest update 1.1.1?

What you are saying is that you have used up an extra slot when you updated (or re-installed) windows 10?