Where can I find reasons for my Sublab to become unauthorized

It is not the first time that I have to authorize SubLab again in the same computer. What are the possible causes?
I own Sublab and Sublab XL.

Hey @rods

This should only happen in earlier versions ( 1.1.3 and lower ) of SubLab and never in XL.

Can you give me some details of what is happening ( computer upgrade, bios update etc? )


Hi Rods,

Typically when you update your OS, reformat your computer, restore from backup/time machine your computer will get a new Machines ID. Older versions of SubLab would see this new Machine ID and view it as a new computer, asking you to activate again.

We have a new activation method with the latest versions of SubLab (1.1.7 and higher, I believe) which resolves this. So, if you’re running an older version, that would explain it. If you update to 1.1.8 you shouldn’t have that issue any more because the new activation method maintains a stable Machine ID.

The only other reason I’m aware of would be a folder permissions issue, but that doesn’t sound like what’s going here.

Do you want to check what version of SubLab you have installed? You can launch SubLab, click the “sublab” icon in the top left corner to view the About Page which will let us know your exact version number.


Hi, I updated to the latest version and the plugin became authorized.
I did a Windows update a few days ago but didn’t change Windows version.
It is working ok now.

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