Plugin activation Fails Again and Again

I purchase SubLab Xl, and all I get is this error message each time I tried to launch it.

I tried in standalone mode, and in all VSTi options, but can’t get it to take my info.

I changed my password multiple times. I can log into my account, but not the plugin.

I reached out to my credit card company to see about disputing the charge only because the SubLab site actually offers no way for you to contact any form of support personnel.

I didn’t want to run a cracked version, but I’m highly disappointed with this entire process currently.

If anyone knows how to actually contact someone for a resolution please feel free in sharing.

Thanks in advance

MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019 running OSX Catalina

@Julia & @Gavin_FAW

Hey @DJOGee,

Did you change your email address on our website? Julia can sort it out first thing Monday ( its Saturday evening here )

Thanks for the patience and we’ll have you up and running as soon as possible.


Hello, and thank you @Gavin_FAW .

No, I didn’t change my email. I changed my password a few times though.

Thanks for the heads up.

I’ll wait till then.

Same here @Gavin_FAW @Julia
Purchased sub lab xl on Friday and never managed to login in.
Changed my password once but still no luck.
Running on MacBook Pro 14 m1pro but it doesn’t seems like hardware issue but problem with you registration database not synced…
Hopefully you can help us sort this soon…

Also, the same thing happened here to me. Bought mine on Saturday the 26th around 6:30ish. Put in a support message, and I hope I’ll get a response on Monday. I’m just on Windows 10.

Hey guys,

It seems with Black Friday being on Friday, our server has been getting hammered over the weekend with activations. I’ve just reset the server which should help things hum along better.

Are you still having issues?


Seems to work now!
Thank you for helping out :pray:

My activation still isn’t working. It just keeps saying that it can’t find my license.

@colbycheaton, can you give me some more info.

  1. Are you trying to activate SubLab or XL?
  2. Are you updating or doing a fresh install?
  3. Did you upgrade from SubLab to XL?

Once we have the answers we’ll be able to help better :+1:


I just was able to fix the issue. I was trying to activate SubLab Xl from a fresh install, and I had never owned the original SubLab. I fixed the problem by clicking the button that said “activation code from another shop” (even though I bought it through the FAW website) and entered my license.

That is a strange one we haven’t seen before. Would it be possible that you changed your account email or that the email you used on checkout was different from the one you tried to login in with?


My email is correct.

I only use one email for music products.

I changed my password again, and still can’t get the plugin to recognize it.

I’m able to log into my account without an issue using my web browser.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before logging into the plugin?

I’m an IT guy, and none of this makes nay sense to me


This worked on the first try.


Thank you kindly.

This issue needs to be addressed ASAP.

So the fix as shared with me by Coby is to use the option that I purchased from another whatever it is.

That opened the plugin instantly.

Hopefully, this information helps in the rectification of the issue moving forward.

Yeah, we do have some edge cases that are tricky to fix, mostly if you buy the plugin from our site and then change your email address before activating.

Great news it is working!

Sounds great, but I never changed emails.

The activation process should be simpler.

Pay, get verified code, input into the product, and get to work creating…

Seems as if many continue to have the same issue.

Hey @DJOGee,

Yes, agree with you 100%. There are a lot of moving parts on our side and edge cases to deal with and we’re always working on making it smoother. Activation is the first thing someone meets when using SubLab and if the process is not smooth and simple it creates a bad first impression. We understand it and are always on it the best we can :+1:


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