Unable to Activate SublabXL Account

Hi, I just bought sublabxl via pluginboutique and downloaded on my mac. I was able to load it up through ableton 11. When getting to the sign in page, I made sure to click the option to provide my activation code from another shop. I already made a log in & pw for the FAW website … but when I attempt to log in and activate the plugin … I’m hit with error messages saying “error creating a website user.” Tried different ways around this, but not sure what to do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hey there :wave:

Could you send a message to support@futureaudioworkshop.com and ask for Julia?

Let me know what your activation code is and the email address you used to setup your account and I’ll help get you sorted out :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the same problem with Circle on native m1

Hey Julia! I just sent an email with the details you’re looking for. Let me know if you need anything else!

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I am getting the same thing. I got Windows version but everything else is the same.
What do we do???

Hey guys,

We’re looking into it here right now.


Hey! This was resolved on my end. I sent an email to the support email provided with my activation code. Ellis responded and registered my code to my FAW account, which could be seen under the activation code tab. I downloaded the installer from pluginboutique. Instead of logging in with an activation code from another shop this time, I logged in regularly and it all worked just fine. So we can close this out on my end.

In short, it seems the issue is that activation code was not mapping to my FAW account - which I believe I set up first before trying to create a log in / pw upon opening the plugin. Hope this helps!

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Hey @kev925 glad to hear that Ellis got you up and running :pray: thanks for updating us.

You’re exactly right and we’re looking the issue as we speak but we do have a workaround. So, in the meantime, for anybody else that’s having this issue, please email support@futureaudioworkshop.com and send us your activation code.

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:round_pushpin: UPDATE

The issue is fixed! If you were getting the error message 5 “Error creating a website user” please try to activate again. It will work now.