Reset Machine ID

How long should I be waiting for customer service to reset my IDs so I can install sub lab? It’s been 2 days since I send a message to reset my IDs?

I’ll sort it out now @Mxcn if it hasn’t been done…

Hello Gavin. I have the same problem. Can you please help me also? Thanks

Same @Gavin_FAW I only have one other computer and had to reinstall a couple times. Didn’t think it would use up all my activations. Now I have a permanent macbook specifically for production and can’t install it.

I can make the same sounds in Operator, but it takes too much time.

Hey @Tokmagic & @fulfordpr

You both should be good to go now :+1:


@Gavin_FAW Still showing i’ve used 3.

Try again there @fulfordpr :+1:

Works now, Thanks a ton!