Reset Machine ID

How long should I be waiting for customer service to reset my IDs so I can install sub lab? It’s been 2 days since I send a message to reset my IDs?

I’ll sort it out now @Mxcn if it hasn’t been done…

Hello Gavin. I have the same problem. Can you please help me also? Thanks

Same @Gavin_FAW I only have one other computer and had to reinstall a couple times. Didn’t think it would use up all my activations. Now I have a permanent macbook specifically for production and can’t install it.

I can make the same sounds in Operator, but it takes too much time.

Hey @Tokmagic & @fulfordpr

You both should be good to go now :+1:


@Gavin_FAW Still showing i’ve used 3.

Try again there @fulfordpr :+1:

Works now, Thanks a ton!

Having the same issue. I would like to rectify this issue as well.

Hi Gavin, I’m having this same issue. I emailed support several days ago but haven’t heard back. My email for this community account is the same as my activation user account. Thank you!

@elamen and @Obass

Have your slots being cleared guys?


@Gavin_FAW I still see 3/3 activations used in my account. I tried entering the activation code in the plugin anyway, but no luck. Thank you

need help with this issue as well. i purchased my license through plugin boutique not sure if that changes anything

I’m also facing the problem due to a computer migration, thanks

Hello. I am new here. My name is Tamas Kerekes. I just signed up and have been using SubLab for around a year now and I love it. Gave the plug-in five stars on plugin boutique. I came across the issue " Oops, seems you’ve used your code on too many computers. Click below for help!" The link is broken and takes me to a 404 error weblink, and I only recall using my code on two desktops I believe. I already had the plug-in activated on my main desktop, but one day it was asking for my activation code again and gave me that error message. I really appreciate the admin/dev’s help if they could reset my code or help me fix this sometime during the workweek. Thank you so much and take care!

Same problem here i updated my computer now it says I have 3 machine ids and I only use it on one computer so I need to reset it

Hi @elamen @cc2wavy @Hugo.paris19 & @TamasKerekes :wave:

Please submit the form called reset my activation code via the chat box on our site or the help center. We will reset it within 24-48 hours :pray:

Take care,

My 48 hours is almost up after contacting u peeps on Sunday, I also sent another request yesterday. Users should have the ability to reset in accounts as it will make everyone’s life easier.

SIDE NOTE: Does anyone have a phone number I can use to contact them?

Need also an reset of registered IDs…

I think in the short or long run it makes more sense for both the customers who leave money here and for you as a support master to give us the opportunity to perform the reset ourselves in the account.

Other manufacturers have already proven that it works more than enough… (Example Arturia or Plugin Alliance)

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2 days past and still no reset… Thanks for nothing @FAW

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