Really a shame that you can't reset activations yourself

I’m on a day three of no response, and I see other people have waited a week or more. Resetting your own activations is not a difficult thing to integrate, and is very common amongst other developers. If I don’t hear back in the next day, I’m going to need to download a crack of SubLab, which is ridiculous.


It’s utter nonsense. These guys have a great product but with horrific operational implementation apparently. There has to be something fundamentally wrong that they haven’t addressed for so many people to be having this issue, and for them to state “it usually only takes us 24-48 hrs to reset”, indicating it is pretty much a regular thing. Maybe they shouldn’t charge people until successful activation until this is fixed.
Also: If at the company I work at (which is software driven as well) we had a queue of people who had paid for our product and couldn’t use it, we would certainly not be on reduced hours either- we’d buck up and have to fix it to make things right.

I HAVE not downloaded Sublab into my new DAW yet. Why are so many people needing to reset their activations? I’d like to know why this is happening so I can informed on how to handle such problems. Rodger


The issue with the activation system is that we use a unique id that can change. The system was built for Circle2, when the unique ID didn’t change if ever.

@EmbersSongs activation is an issue for sure and we’re working on a fix/replacement system. It is just not trivial to get working and takes time, please bear with us. We’ve also hired an extra person to help out @Julia so that we can reduce down the wait time.

Thanks, Gavin. Hopefully that helps your team manage the double edged sword of backlog of customer tickets as well as root-cause fixes/enhancements to the architecture/flow. It’s just tough when folks expect the purchase-to-use cycle to be pretty much immediate.

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Hi @madmax00178 @EmbersSongs

Yes, we absolutely understand your frustration :pray: We are going to implement a method to deactivate on the user-side soon. And, we are in the process of adding to our support team.

In the meantime, please bear with us. We will normally reset within 24 - 48 hours. Occasionally it may take longer if we have a high volume of requests or unexpected circumstances arise (illness, injury, etc.) which cannot entirely be avoided. This time, we were operating at reduced hours for a few days over the holiday period.

I can assure you that we are doing our best to respond to every message quickly and that we are continuously working to relieve pain points. But it does take time, none of this can be done instantaneously.