No answer from support about activation problem

Hi guys,

I have tried to get in contact you through a ticket and through e-mail, but I am not getting an answer over there, so I will try here.

Can you please help me out because I’ve been stuck on a couple of projects for weeks now.

This is what’s going on:

I am getting this message when I try to activate Sublab on my new MacBook Pro: ‘Something
is up 96. Click ‘need help’ below, we’ll get on it!’ When I click on it it leads to a non-existing page on your site.
I have only used one activation on my old MacBook.
I’ve purchased Sublab from Pluginboutique

Thank you so much for your help

Best wishes,


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Hey Hans,

Let me check into it…


Thanks Gavin. Do you need anything else from me?

Guys please… I’ve been waiting to finish my project for over two weeks now. I had another plugin with similar problems and that was fixed within 24 hours.

What do I need to do to get you to resolve this problem for me guys?


@Julia can you contact hands and get sort out the activation code for him :+1: :+1:

Hi Hans :wave: please check your email :slightly_smiling_face:

Im having the same issue. But it says im not online when I enter the activation code in logic. Tried multiple times. Please help. Thanks!

@gearguy411 are you online for sure? Also what is your version of macOS

Check your pms, I’ve sent a link to the latest beta of sublab v1.1.6


I am having the same issue with activation - is there a way I can get help with resetting my code

I still haven’t received a response via email or through this answer board - is there anyone that could provide me some help?

@Julia always gets to the requests within 2 working days unless something has gone wrong with your email, unfortunately rarely our support system marks legit emails as spam.

Sorry for the issue @qfam253, we’ll get you sorted out asap…can you send me the email you used when purchasing SubLab?


needed help with getting activation code reset still havent got a response from support


@Julia gets around to all the activation requests, but sometimes we have a back log. Hang on and she’ll get to you activation code :+1:

Hello. I have had the same issue. I sent in a request 2 days ago and still no response.

Yeah these guys are not real , mcdonalds has a better costumer service… like for real not trying to give you any hard time but i think that 4 days is enough time for you to simply reset an activation code .

Hi Dorian, I’ve reset your code! And @FrenchVanilla I reset your code too.

Yes, we understand your frustration :pray: We are going to implement a method to deactivate on the user-side in 2022. And, very soon we will be adding to our support team.

In the meantime, please bear with us. We will normally reset within 24 - 48 hours. On occasion, we have a high volume of requests and it takes a little longer.

Finally - in case anyone else is reading this - we will be operating at reduced hours over the next few days. It may take longer than usual to hear back from us. But you will hear back from us :slightly_smiling_face: Happy holidays & new year :tada:

I need to pile on here. I bought SubLab and continue to get a “oops something went wrong “ error every time I either paste or type in my serial number. It’s been three days, no reply.

Wow. I just took a deeper scan through even the last 4-6 months of posts in this forum. This company has to either staff up and/or invest a lot of concerted effort in some root cause improvements IMHO. I haven’t even been able to activate yet, but the myriad posts about lack of response and activation issues of one sort or another are telling. Maybe I’ll hear back soon (we are on day 5 now I think), but I’m not very optimistic. I hope they can figure this out and also change their licensing model — it’s a crowded market out there and even great products will struggle to survive alongside consistently bad customer experiences.

Hey @EmbersSongs,

We’re doing as you advise, we’re hiring an extra support person and also have implemented a new activation system. Hang in there, we’ll get back with more info in the coming days in regard to activation and support.