Request for new activation code despite previously being activated


I recently received a prompt to enter an activation code despite having already activated SubLab not too long ago. I run SubLab in Ableton 10 and did not reinstall Windows so I’m concerned I might once again receive this prompt and use all 3 of my activations (I’m already 2 in after this encounter).

Any advice on why this is happening?


Hey @Duythedewey,

What version are you running? I think everything should be fine and if you do use up a slot, just let us know on support and we’ll clear them for you no problem.


Hi having similar problems.

I’m trying to use SubLab but every time I open my project it asks me for the activation code. I’ve already done it a few times and now its says its been activated 2/3 times. I don’t want to get it to 3 in case I can no longer access the plugin. If I give the activation code and then exit the window to continue with my project, the next time I open up SubLab I still get that request for activation code. This is whilst still in the same project and not exiting the project since last entering the code.

Also after entering the code the first time, I then tried to install the free ‘Best of Bundle’, but it gave me an error saying to try again.

When I open SubLab in my project it says ‘Activate Sublab 1.1.3’ and requests my activation code. I recently updated Cubase to Cubase LE AI Elements Version 10.0.40 incase you need that info.

Thank you,


@julia will sort it out asap :+1:

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Hey there Gavin, Im Patrick

I bought SubLab from future audio workshop directly. When I use the plugin inside FL studio, it asks for a activation code. After entering and accepting the code, SubLab unlocks. As soon as I change to a different plugin maybe I use my Kontact plugins and go back to SubLab after that…It wants another activation code.

I cannot find where to make a ticket or get a hold of support other than through this form. If you have a link to the ticket process I would be happy to fill that out.

Thanks for the help,

Hey @Patrick, you’re in the right place.

On creating tickets, you can do it here:

Can you let me know what is you OS and also what version of SubLab you are running?

Yes I am currently using Windows 11 and SubLab 1.1.3

I did a full uninstall and reinstall of SubLab, the activation code has worked. Thanks for the help, it was really appreciated.