Have to use activation code everytime I open sublab

Updated my DAW and everytime I open sublab I wants activation code I’ve had to enter it 5time in the last 24hours how can I fix this please

Hey @Wuga,

Firstly, what version does it say on the about page, when you click the “sublab” logo in top left hand corner?

Also what is your operating system, DAW and also did you install SubLab on a different drive that the default that is suggested when running the installer?

We’ll get you back up and running in no time once we have the info :slight_smile:


It’s version 1.1.2
I’m on Windows 10 using FL studios
I updated my FL studios and changed nothing else but its asking for the code randomly now I can open 1 project and sublab is fine but I can open the next project and it’ll ask for the code

Ok, something weird is going on. If it asking for the code randomly, that means that something is blocking SubLab from reading files on the disk.

What version of FL Studio did you upgrade to?


The newest version I think it’s FL Studio 20.6 or something… I’ve found a way around some projects where I’m only using the presets where I replace sublab with a different VST and then change back to sublab it works but it goes back to its default setting so I can’t do that on tracks with custom 808s