Unable to activate

I just bought sublabxl and it installs on my computer (windows 11) and I can even see the presets in my Maschine 2… But when I go to activate ; the vst closes fl studio 20, and when I try and activate it standalone mode, it opens then immediately closes…
would be amazing to use it ! I bought it around a week ago and even sent an email via your site; and still haven’t gotten a response

That’s a weird one, we test here on Windows 11 and it works ok. What that means is that it can be tricky to find out what the problem is.

When you say you try to activate in standalone mode, does the plugin close as in crash and disappear?

Yes, thats exactly what happens. A small window opens with an options menu in the corner then immediately closes. And when i try to open the plugin in fl studio it just instantly closes the daw

What about standalone mode? If you launch the plugin SubLab.exe in /ProgramFiles/FAW/SubLab does it open


Unfortunately still same result

I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Still same thing

Is there any other suggestions or ideas as to how i can get this running? I’ve been kinda patiently waiting here and its been a couple weeks since i bought it… Would way rather be able to use it than have the money back… Kind of a bummer that its been this difficult …

Hey @ballarie,

I totally understand your frustration…I’m not sure though why you are having activation issues with SubLab.

I’m doing testing today and I will try again and see if there is something up on Windows 11 and FL Studio 20.

Also, if we can’t figure it out then we’ll send you a free copy of SubLab XL to test (and keep) and if your still having issues we’ll give you a refund no problem.


Ok thanks man; I appreciate that!
Thanks for getting back to me

Oh also I should mention. I recently updated to FL Studio 21 as well

Still does exact same thing

Hey Gavin
I finally got it to load. I had just installed windows 11 and it never installed my driver for my graphics card. I had to install the driver to use another vst. And I was thinking maybe Sublab xl will work now too and it did!
Just thought I’d let you know in case someone else has the same problem.

Oh, that is good info. You were seeing a blank screen?

It was making fl studio crash and would open then immediately close in standalone mode

Ok, so it def was a driver issue with the graphics card. Someone else here on the forum is having a similar issue which I hope disabling openGL can fix.

@A.Shakur this looks like the same issue you are having?