Bought sublab yesterday, all versions crash immediately on latest fl studio


I bought sublab yesterday, it installs fine but immediately crashes fl studio opun being loaded.

It’s not one version that does this, all vst /vst3 versions do the same thing, so do 32 / 64 bit versions.

My fl studio is the latest FL 20 and is genuine, so is my win 10 Pro version.

Does anyone have any advise here?

Rather annoyed that this vst clearly has gone through zero testing and is advertised as “working with all daws”

I have messaged support but looking through this forum it seems maybe the best idea is just go for a refund straight away.

Hey DragonByte,

You’re coming in hot DragonByte!

Julia is working everyday on support and helping people there. Version 1.1.3 is out for over 6 months and we’d out of business a long time ago if it didn’t work. But that doesn’t take away from the fact it is crashing for you and we’re here to help!

Can you let me know exactly the version of both FL Studio and Windows 10 Pro you are running.
I’ll also need to know if you have tried launching it any other DAW. Do you have Ableton (even the free version) installed?

Thanks for the patience,