FL Studio Buffer Underrun/Freeze issue

Been using SubLab in FL Studio 20 for a day or two and loving the plugin.

However it is causing a lot of bugs in FL Studio and causing my PC to crash in a busy project. Everytime I pause/stop the project it stutters and struggles if I have Sublab loaded, even with the plugin turned off. If I completely remove it everything functions perfectly. I have a very powerful PC (i9 9900k etc)

I have tried 64bit and 32bit version of the VST3. I have tried using fixed size buffers in processing but doesn’t help.

I’m on Windows 10 using an Apollo x6. Using highest possible buffer length in drivers and still get the glitches and underruns (FL Studio reports around 6 each time i pause the project)

Any suggestions as I would hate to have to return this, I even bought the full sample bundles!

Hey Readaz,

That sounds unusual, especially with an i9, which should fly along with SubLab. Are you seeing an interface glitches?


Hey Gavin,

No visible interface glitches with SubLab. The VST works perfect in general, aside from causing glitches when it kicks in occasionally and causing a brief freeze when stopping a project in FL Studio. It also consistently adds 2 or 3 underruns per instance of SubLab as reported in the audio settings tab. It also makes FL Studio crash when closing.

It hasn’t crashed my PC since posting so I’m thinking the crash was unrelelated so for now I’m just continuing using it and ignoring the issues.

I can attach a video example of the issue if necessary.

@Readaz a video would be great :+1: