Sublab Sample Rate Issues Fl Studio 11

Every time I hit play in FL 11 while using SubLab the sound stutters. It’s similar to the sound you get when you have a very low sample rate set on a computer that cant handle it. Please help. I’m using the VST3 64bit version.

Hey @vallettabeats,

I think this might be something to do with 64bit version and the bridging of the plug-in.
Do you get the same behavior with the 32 bit VST?


Hey @Gavin_FAW,

I have the same problem with FL 12, i’ve tried both 32 & 64 versions but the problem remains.

Please help,

What buffer size are you using on your sound card?

I was using 2048 sampes first;
I’ve tried also with way less (128) but it didn’t change anything.

This happens to me only with Sublab (with both versions 1.2 & 1.3)


Can confirm that this still happens with both FL 11 and Fl 20 on the most recent version of SubLab. Even at different sample rates. In addition, closing Sublab forces Fl studio to quit.

I’m going to send you the latest beta version guys, check your PM for the link.


@vallettabeats and @Icabe94, any news on the the beta fixing this?


Hi Gavin,

thanks for the answer;
i’ve tried installing the 1.4 version, but this happened: i’ve seen no emprovement on the 64 version (i’m not sure it was updated from 1.3), while the 32 version asks me the license code for enabling the 1.4 version, but when i put it it says this: “seems that you’ve used the code on too many computers”, but i’ve installed and licensed the plugin ONLY on this one laptop (i’ve enabled it multiple times because it was asked me to do that multiple times).

Please help, and thanks for your effort

Hi @Icabe94,

Can you private message me the email address you used when purchasing SubLab and I’ll reset the code for you.

Did you install SubLab on a different drive to “C:/” by any chance?


Hey Gavin i wrote you :wink: