Activation code

hello I bought sublab and I have several
project to return with which I use
sublab in vst and now he asks me for a code
activation I go to my account I see that they are used 3 times while I only have two pc
now the code does not
work how to make urgent i lose money

i have a message
"oops,seems you’ve used your code on too many computers,

Hi Ryf,

I received your support request and have reset your code!

Take care,

I’m experiencing a similar issue with SubLab on my desktop PC requesting reactivation. When I attempt to reactivate with my code it says I have it installed on too many computers. I also only have 2 computers but my account reflects 3/3 activated. I’ve submitted 2 requests yesterday and today and also tried FB messenger but haven’t received a response. Great plugin, 1st time I’ve had an issue but very frustrating. Hoping someone from tech can help.

Hi Rail, I’ve just responded to your FB message.

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Great and thanks so much. I was starting to have SubLab withdrawals! :slight_smile:

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exactly the same problem here, but bought through pluginboutique.
Have the serial but cannot find the activation code on the boutique user account page

Hi there, your serial is the same as the activation code. Please submit a Support Request, include your serial / activation code pasted in and we’ll reset it for you:

Take care,

hi Julia, I will. thank you for the prompt reply.