Hello i need help

i picked up sublab of pluging boutique about 2 years ago, my pc ran into problems the weekend and i had to factory reset it, and now i cant activate sublab with my code , it says its been activated on too many computers, I’ve only installed sublab on my pc and laptop, i have loads of work that i cant finish, has anyone got any way to fix this? thank you and have a great day…

Hey @DurrtyRBeats,

Your in the right place :slight_smile:

If you send a message to support we’ll sort it out for you, I would do it now but if you purchased from Plugin Boutique then it requires some extra steps that the support team need to do.

Thanks and we’ll have you back in action asap!


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Hello @Gavin_FAW

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly,

I’ve sent a message to support, With an attached photo of SubLab with my code entered but denying me access.

Thank you so much for you help i really appreciate it. :slight_smile: