How do I reset my activation codes of SubLab bought on Plugin Boutique?

Months ago I purchased SubLab on Plugin Boutique and recently tested it on Big Sur and Monterey (I still use Catalina as main OS) on the same machine.
Now, I’m back to Catalina and I can’t re-activate it because “Oops, seems you’ve used your code on too many computers.”.
Can you reset my activation codes, please?
Also, is it possible to link SubLab from Plugin Boutique to my FAW account?
Thanks, best regards

Hi there :wave: I’ve received your message via FAW Support and reset your code!

Hey im having the same problem here , please reset my code your plugin is my go to plugin for 808’s :slight_smile:
I have purchased the plugin from plugin boutique and i have bought a new laptop and upgraded my OS i guess thats why its blocked , my email is

All you need to do @FrenchVanilla is snd a mail into and we will reset it asap.


I’ve sent another email now after 2 days ,
Please, I’m holding off on a lot of projects and I need this to be done ASAP.
I can see its quite busy here and I will really appreciate a quick response on your behalf :slight_smile: