Registering purchase from Plugin Boutique

I bought SubLab on the Plugin Boutique web site.
How can I get my purchase to appear in my FAW account?
I have my serial number.

^This! I’d also like to know.

I think it’s more a question for the FAW support …
I don’t know if someone will reply and give an answer here :wink:

Hi @MalcolmFromTheNorth and @Jeff welcome!

Please send an email to with:

  • proof of purchase: your plugin boutique purchase confirmation email

  • your SubLab activation code pasted into the body of the email

  • the email address you use for your FAW online account

Then I can add your SubLab code to your account :slight_smile:


Thank you. I searched on your web site, and could not find a way to reach support.
So I thought I had to post here.

I just looked again, and finally, I noticed that there was a very discreet link on the top right of the screen at some point. I missed that.