How to I activate my license code to my account?

hi there. I currently got a new computer and I’m trying to download my Sublab XL. only problem is I purchased it years ago from plug-in boutique and when I try to download it there the link takes me to the FAW website.

In my mind I expected the file to automatically start downloading but that didn’t happen. so I instead I logged into my FAW account to try and deposit and activate the license code from plug-in boutique to my FAW account, but than there was another problem.

there’s no where on the FAW website to actually do that. I looked everywhere to no avail. so here I am looking for the right support to help me get my sublab back in my possession. please help!

Hi Darius,

That’s strange, you definitely should be able to download the installer directly from your Plugin Boutique account :thinking:

I’m going to send you a link to the installers via DM.

Could you take a video showing me what’s happening when you try download SubLab XL in your Plugin Boutique account? If there’s an issue with the installer downloads I need to get in touch with them to get it sorted out. You can send it to me via DM or I can give you my email, whichever is easier for you. I’d really appreciate that :pray:

Take care,

Sorry forgot to add - you can register your license to your FAW Account :point_right: HERE

Please note that your license will be added to your FAW Account and your information will be registered in our database so that we have a record that this license belongs to you. However, we are unable to add installers to your account if you made your purchase via a third party site, unfortunately.