Need to move a copy of Sublab from one computer to a different computer but have used all three active downloads


I have activated my Sublab code on three devices but I just recently upgraded to a new computer. I’d like to move one of my copies over to this new device. Is it possible to reset my code in order to accomplish this?

Thank you,

James Norton


Please contact and @Julia will clear your slots

Good afternoon, Gavin,

I sent an email on 01/02/2022 to that address and just resent it a second time.

Thank you!

James Norton

Hey @LamezNorton,

@Julia is working through the backlog, hang in there and we’ll have it reset for you.

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Hi James, you should be good to go now!

I just tried to activate my copy on the new computer and it still says that I’ve used my code on too many computers.

Hi Julia,
My name is Daniel I recently restored my laptop again and it appears I have used all 3 or my machine ID slots. I just need some help if you could to reset all 3 activation slots so I can use Sublab again.
I emailed support yesterday but just wanted to make sure I could contact you as soon as possible is why I’m posting on here as well.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

~Daniel Link

Hi I got your support request and you’re good to go!

But @LamezNorton I’m not sure if you’ve contacted me via support yet. If you haven’t submitted a support request yet could you DM me with your activation code and I’ll reset it for you?