SubLab Cubase 10.5 Installation Issue

After installation and activation, Sublab has no presets, does not generate sound, and keeps asking for activation everytime i open cubase 10.5. My main drive is on F:Drive and sublab would not install a native instruments xml file during installation. Im not sure if this is the cause of the issue as it requested the c: drive which i do not have. I have installed hundreds of programs ranging from after effects to autotune 9 on my F: drive and have no issues.

Hey @Mxcn,

Yes, this is a bug that we’ve had for a while, initially not many people were having the problem, but now’s the time we’re tackling it finally. We’re releases 1.1.3 on Friday and then starting straight in 1.1.4, which will have a fix.


The sublab I have installed is already 1.1.3. Just saying in case when I purchased I was suppose to get the 1.1.2 and somehow got the 1.1.3 beta.

We released 1.1.3 late last night on our site, so that is probably what you’ve downloaded. It is not the beta, this is the version we are releasing when we send out the email to all the SubLab customers.