Cubase 10 can't find SubLab

Hello there,
I’m experiencing an annoying issue on Cubase 10, it doesnt’ recognize SubLab vst3 and vst file. It just find the vst2 file that doesn’t show up when I create a new instrument track with it. I’ve been working with SubLab on Cubase 10 over a year without any kind of problem since today, this is so weird. I haven’t installed updates for other software and for Cubase. I tried to reinstall the latest version of SUblab but it doesn’t work anyway, I think it is worse now because cubase blacklisted it and it won’t let me re-activate it.
How can I fix this?

Current OS: MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
DAW: Cubase 10.0.6
SubLab verison: 1.1.6

Thank you

Hey @MaschioRaro,

Did you make any changes to SubLab or Cubase before the issue appeared?


Hey Gavin,
No, I didn’t make any changes to SubLab or Cubase, it appeared after I turned off the computer and then on again.