I cannot enable or activate Sublab in Cubase 11,sublab 1.1.5, windows 10

First I apologize for my poor English.
I bought a sublab yesterday. Sublab’s name is displayed plugin manager in Cubase. I can select Sublab as instrument. Sublab stays C:drive.but cannot enable sublub (cannot even display user interface) in desktop pc in title’s situation.
That’why, I gave up once, and try it again in laptop almost similar situaion.
Then it was displayed UI of Sublab! (why…)and transitioned for activation page. I entered activation code from plugin boutique.
But Sublab says「something is up:96」.
As stated above, I cannot use sublab at all now.
I wanna use in both computer.What should I do, please help me.

I succeeded in making Desktop PC the same situation as Laptop.
(User interface is also displayed in Desktop PC.)
Same as last time, sublab says 「something is up:96」.

Hi there :wave: sorry about the trouble activating SubLab! I’ve just sent you a private message with some new installers to try. Hopefully that will get rid of that error message.