Cubase: Sublab plug in is now in my blacklist

Hi All

I purchased this product very recently.
It stopped working as in when I click to use the vst nothing loads.

I downloaded the new version 1.6 and now the plug in is in my blacklist.

How do we fix this?

Mac or Windows?
Either way, I would rescan it in Cubendo.
I have it on both Mac Cubase and Nuendo PC and I can use it.


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Did that work? Thanks fro the tip @zvenx

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Hi All,

This did not work I scanned and my Cubase version discovered that the plug in was now in the blacklist.

Before hand it would not open but it was whitelisted so to speak.

@LEVLZ, can you give me some more details…

  1. The OS you are on.
  2. Version of cubase
  3. Whether you tired to load the VST or VST3