Sublab not working

I just downloaded sublab and it won’t open, it won’t download into my plugins in logic. It shows up on my computer, but I cannot use it. Any suggestions?


Hi there :wave:

Can you open the standalone app?

Also please try a manual plugin rescan of your plugins like this:
-In Finder, go to Go then Go to Folder in the menu bar at the top
-Copy-paste the following path then click Go :
-Delete any folder named AudioUnitCache
-Delete any file named
-Reboot the system

If you’re still having trouble or getting an error message, please let us know what is your OS and send us a screenshot of the error message.


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I actually ended up figuring it out. I purchased and downloaded it from plug-in boutique and apparently, because I have a Mac, I had to download a different version because of the new update. I got it fixed. Thanks you for offering your expertise.


Glad you’re up and running now :pray:

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@Julia to the rescue!

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