Original SubLab not working in MacOS Ventura

After updating to MacOS Ventura, SubLab crashes validation in Logic Pro

We’re looking into Ventura now!

When it’s fixed, am I able to get a download reset? I used up my downloads trying to reinstall it.

Yes, for sure. If your downloads run out just shoot an email to support@futureaudioworkshop.com and we’ll reset them for you.


Ok, so I’ve done the first tests here with Ventura.

SubLab XL loads fine and seems to work ok…,the problem is that it is not seeing the installation folder.

I’ll update this thread as we go along and fix the issue :+1:

I’m talking about the original SubLab, I don’t own XL.

Yup, we’ll get both working at the same time :+1:

Hi there,

Any updates on this topic? I also still can’t load SubLab in Ableton Live 11 with macOS Ventura.


I installed the new version of SubLab and it started working again.

Where did you download it? I can’t find the download link on the website.

In the download section on my account.