Original SubLab verified in Logic but not showing in Audio Units list

I had SubLab working perfectly on my old M1 MacBook Pro running Ventura, but unfortunately it was stolen this week. I’m now setting everything up all over again on a new M2 MacBook Pro running Ventura, but this time it’s not working.

SubLab M1 beta verifies no problem in Logic, but refuses to show in the Audio Units list. Any project files using SubLab cannot load the SubLab instrument. I’ve tried in Rosetta and natively, I’ve tried clearing the Audio Unit cache and rescanning, I’ve tried reinstalling, restarting, all of these in various combinations. I’m about at my wit’s end. Please, does anyone have anything else I can try?

I spoke to Apple, they believe it’s due to Sublab not being updated to work with Logic 10.7.9. This would check out, as my stolen laptop was running an older version of Logic.

Can we expect an update to SubLab soon?

Edit: I can confirm that the last version of Logic that supports SubLab is 10.7.7.

Ok, let me check this out.

Also, what is the version of macOS you are running and your machine?


Thanks Gavin.

Ventura 13.4, MacBook Pro 2023 with Apple M2 Pro, 16 GB RAM

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I am having the same issue with my M2 Mac. 2023 Macbook pro 96 GB RAM, 13.4 Ventura. It crashes Ableton and Fl Studio, I cant open it in stand alone either.

Hey @Connorh597 I have your message in the other thread…can you post a crash report there :+1:

Sorry to bump an ancient thread. Have there been any updates on this behind the scenes? I’m still running an outdated version of Logic (10.7.7) for the sole purpose of loading the original SubLab, but thought I’d check in as I’m running into unrelated issues with that version and am keen to update when SubLab allows.


Hey there,

Sorry to hear that your laptop was stolen and that you’ve run into some issues getting set up again :pensive: The latest installers we have for SubLab are the 1.1.9 beta installers which it sounds like you already downloaded. I have Logic 10.8.1 installed on my M3 and this version (1.1.9 M1) of SubLab is validated and showing up in my Audio Units list, so it’s not a compatibility issue.

I have seen this issue previously and, based on the information I’ve received and my research online, it seems that there are some issues either with the AU validation tool or just updating the plugin menu specifically when you’ve restored Logic or your software instrument files from a backup even if the plugins are working and can be successfully validated. If you do a search on Logic’s forum you’ll see that this issue arises with various versions of Logic and all different third-party plugins. It is a bug, and unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem to be fixed given that we’re seeing it with the latest versions.

Quick questions for you:

  1. When you installed SubLab on your new M2, how did you install SubLab and migrate your files over?
  2. Is SubLab currently showing up as “successfully validated” inside your Plugin Manager?

There are a few ways that may resolve this issue. I suggest trying the first two for sure, in order. Then, if they don’t work you can try the others if you want or contact Logic support / apple support and they may be able to give you some other suggestions or workarounds. I’m listing an additional two workarounds that have worked for other people, but perhaps Logic/apple support may be able to give you a better solution.

~ Put SubLab into a custom plugin category
Inside the plugin manager, put SubLab into one of your custom plugin categories at the top level (or create a category and put it there) and you should be able to select/load it that way.

~ Delete your caches

  1. Delete these:

  2. Reboot your mac and launch Logic

~ Downgrading Logic Pro
This is basically what you’ve done - downgrade to rescan and validate them. Once they’re working again this may make them accessible within the latest version afterward. The key is to avoid rescanning them from the latest version which is where this issue crops up.

  1. Downgrade to the previous version that was working for you
  2. Open the Plug-In Manager and rescanned your plugins
  3. Now update to the latest version of Logic and see if the plugins appear correctly

~ Create a new user account on your mac
Create a new user account on your mac with administrator rights and then rescan your Audio Units plug-ins from that account like this:

  1. From your original user account, quit Logic.

  2. Delete the following files:


    To access the Library:

  • Open the Finder

  • Click on GO and hold the Alt key on your keyboard

  • Library will appear in the list

    Or, you can use Go to Folder from that same menu to type in the locations above

  1. Once that’s done, reboot your mac and log in to your newly created user account and try again.

  2. Launch Logic and see if the it’s diaplying correctly.

  3. If that’s working, you should be able to move the newly generated cache files from your new user account to your previous account to resolve the issue:

    Copy this folder from your new account to your original account:

Please give that a try :pray:

I recommend contacting Logic support and giving them some details about this issue: https://www.apple.com/feedback/logic-pro/

Take care,

Hi Julia,

Thank you for your answer and sorry for the delayed response. I’m so close, yet so far.

To answer your questions:

  1. I first tried migrating SubLab to the new M2 with Migration Assistant. When this didn’t work, I uninstalled (dragged the app to the trash and emptied) and then reinstalled from the SubLab website. Neither yielded any results.

  2. SubLab is showing up as successfully validated.

I have tried all of your suggestions. I ran into issues deleted those .cache files, as many of them simply didn’t exist in my Library folder. I had to skip the ones I couldn’t find, which might be related, but I’m not sure how I might go about re-creating them.

The only method which yielded somewhat positive results was creating a new user account. SubLab works in Logic the new account but not in my original one, even when I copy [username]/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/ over.

Apple insisted they could not help and told me to check with the third-party plugin developer. Is there possibly another folder I’m supposed to be copying over as well? I don’t get why it’s working in one user account but not the other, on the same install of both Logic and SubLab.

Hi Ben,

Okay, thank you for letting me know. Bummer that none of these worked out, and it is very peculiar that SubLab works properly in your new user account but not in the one you actually want to use…especially considering that SubLab is successfully validated :confused: I’m assuming that putting SubLab into a custom category didn’t work either?

I’ve pretty much exhausted the workarounds/suggestions I can give you. I’m unable to recreate this issue on my own machine, so I am researching on a bunch of forums and help centers to see what has worked for others with the same issue.

Could you make a post in this forum and give the details of what you tried and about the new user account? :point_right: Logic Pro Help

There are users and moderators on there that are more knowledgeable about these quirky issues and hopefully will be able to give you some other workarounds or spot something that I’ve missed.

Could you please make a post there and let me know what they say?

Take care,