The new update of SublabXL not working on logic

hello I have one of my subscribers to my YouTube channel who bought SublabXL following my presentation video he updated SublabXL the last one for mac m1 and his SublabXL no longer works, it is no longer recognized by logic audio what can we do?

Hey @djfurtif

I’ll need some more info for sure…it can happen that logic needs to do a rescan of the plugins or that a simple shut down and restart of works.

Also, it would be good if you can find out if the standalone works and also what macOS version they are running.

Thanks and we’re here to help so just reply when you have a chance and we’ll get back to you asap :+1:


So the standalone and the vst does not work
I’m on the latest version of Mac OS ventura 13 and the latest version of Logic Pro
I have an error on the plugin manager which tells me that the validation is refused but I cannot re-authenticate myself. and
Even uninstalling and reinstalling there is no change.

Ok, so Ventura seems to be the issue here!

We’ve got a version that should work for you, do you want to try downloading and installing and then trying to activate?

:point_right: SubLab XL macOS 1.0.2 Beta4

Thank so much for your support and trust i give you some news when my suscriber try it !!!