SubLab Activation faliure

Just purchased Sublab from Plugin Boutique, installed windows version (win 10 64 bit system) regardless of which daw I try (Live, cubase, maschine FL all legit copies) to activate it in with all firewall settings deactivated it still tells me my system isn’t connected to the internet.

Any Idea how to fix this please?



I have the same issue, although I ordered directly from FAW. I ordered on Saturday, and when I went to register the plugin in my DAW, I got “not connected to the internet” issue. I checked my internet, just fine.

I checked the FAW site, and it had hard crashed (first the site was just an error page, then a stock wordpress page – it went through a few iterations before it came back up). After it finally came back up:
a) I didn’t have the serial number on my clipboard anymore
b) none of the emails I got had the serial number
c) the FAW site doesn’t recognize my email/password
d) the reset password link doesn’t recognize my email

So I’m guessing they had a database crash or had to reset. Whatever the case, I used their chat bot to request my account serial. I also sent email about the failure … I’ve heard crickets. I responded to an FAW thread on Facebook. Crickets. I’m giving this one last try before I file a paypal dispute.