Activation not working on win7

I’m on win7 and I just bought the sublab for the second time,thought this issue was solved.
When I paste or enter the activation code, I get the ‘your computer is not on the internet.You’ll need to connect and try again’ message.I turned all my antivirus software off,and run the system in clean safe mode.
Still no success.Is there any hope?

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Hey @szogo,

We fixed the issue where if you enabled your network card just for activation, activated, and then turn it back off, SubLab would still stay activated.

What SubLab needs to be able to do is connect to the internet once. If SubLab is not able to connect to the internet, then it can’t activate. So if you’re seeing “Your computer is not connected to the internet”, that means SubLab is not able to connect.

What do you think could be blocking SubLab? If we can find that out and disable it once, you should be good to go.


Yeah, i know that. I’m constantly online on my computer.
Tried activating it in acid, maschine, studio one. no success.

What about clean safe mode. I think that SubLab should be able to connect to the internet, unless there is some kind of firewall blocking the requests to our site from with Maschine. Is there any other service you might have running that could be blocking SubLab?

Besides windows firewall there’s nothing blocking that i’m aware of.
I could register Studio One without any problems thru internet.Also some of the stuff by Output.


If you have got some time, can you download the latest version of Circle2 and try to activated it? I’ll send you a free copy via private message.

On Output, is it Movement? We worked on the activation system so it works in a similar way to SubLab.

Circle2 windows installer:

Thanks for the help and reckon we’ll get to the bottom of it fairly soon.

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Hey Gavin, thanks for help.
By Output I mean Output Arcade.
Regarding Circle , in every one of my DAWs I just can’t press the ACTIVATE button.
I paste the activation code,but then hiting the ACTIVATE button gives me absolutely nothing,
like it was unpressable.