Sustain adjusting? only up/down?

I’m really really surprised that I can’t seem to adjust the Sustain section of the volume envelope to be shorter or longer, just higher or lower. there are some great sounds in there but I can’t adjust the length of the 808 before the release section. when I hover over the sustain point my cursor changes to an arrow pointing up and down, and I can’t drag it left or right. am I trippin? … also I sent a message to customer support about this a couple weeks ago and I’ve just been waiting for a response. nothing yet. I also have Initial Audio 808, on that one I can simply shorten or lengthen all 808s. HELP! =0

I always thought that you moved from sustain to release only when you lift up a key on the keyboard. Does that make sense?

Let me know an exact use case and I can have a look at possibly adding some fix/feature to achieve what you want.