Why do my sub notes die down despite me holding onto it?

Whenever I try to hold a sub note it dies down and doesn’t sustain despite me holding the note on my keyboard. Is there a setting I have to adjust in order to get it to sustain?

Hey @EscoSeason,

Have you tried adjusting the blue volume envelope? Let me know some more specifics and I’ll help you out here :+1:


I’ve turned all my ADSR settings up (1.0ms for attack; 10.0 decay; 100% for sustain; 10.0 for release; and 100% for amount).

It still dies down when in MIDI (I’m using it in Maschine), but now when I bounce the audio the sub sustains for the entire four bars.

It’s fine for the first loop, but when the loop restarts at the first bar the sound eventually dies off and doesn’t restart again until the fourth bar is completed. So it’s like 1/3/5/7 (I hope I’m making sense).