Notes decaying quickly without apparent reason

Hello everyone,

first I’d like to say that I am having a lot of fun playing around with the SubLab VST since I first got it about a month ago. I did notice some oddities tho, when I was working on a track earlier today:

I have an eight bar loop of midi notes with four notes per two bars, where the first two notes are always the same. When I play it through the sublab vst, some of the notes have less of a decay then the others, for no apparent reason. Even the first two notes of my sequence, which are always the same, sometimes have shorter decay then their counterpart two bars earlier. The velocity of the notes is the same, the length too, but the plugin seems to behave differently from time to time.
To visualize I have added a screenshot where you can see pretty prominently the shorter decay of some of the notes.

I am running SubLab as VST3 with Ableton Live 10 as the host on a Windows 10 x64 machine

I hope someone might be able to help me on this one! Thanks in advance.
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It might also be worth noting that I have worked around this issue by printing the track to audio and slicing it up so that it works as intended, so for the final piece this isn’t much of a problem but while writing it’s quite annoying since I’d have to either go through the process of bouncing the track every time I edit the midi notes or I’d have to deal with the weirdness I’ve described above, which is kind of annoying

Ok, the only thing I would say is that the decay starts to come down from where ever the envelope is when the note off occurs.

Let me have a look at your image and I’ll get back with some more questions!


Do you have “x-sub” activated? Maybe try deactivating it to see if the issue persists. In my case it helped. I am eagerly waiting for the 1.1.7 update (from Pluginboutique) to see if it solves it. I bought this “The hardest hitting sub-bass every time”-thing because of this slogan, but as soon as I had my first melody ready, I noticed unregular volume drops on some hits :frowning:


I’ve sent you over the download links via personal message :+1:

Thanks! Unfortunately my issue is not solved. Being a programmer myself I think the best way for debugging would be a demo-case. I can prepare a package with a small video with sound showing how/when it happens, the exact preset I use, and a midi or Studio One file so you can check it live. If ok I would send a link to a ZIP-file via PM in the next few days.

Ok, that sounds great @deesen

Thanks for taking the time to help out!