New to SubLab and have a question

I’m having a problem with the VST playing certain keys on the key board. One sound I can play C5 and other sounds will not allow me to play C5. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hey @rphyfer14,

Can you let me know the name of the preset and I’ll check it out here :slight_smile:


This sounds very related to a few I had like that when i tried the 1.4 beta. i went back to the 1.3 released version.

Hi Gavin, I don’t think I described one of the issues properly…
Take the Desire for my to have stuff transpose out of the picture for now.
What I was saying was on 1.13 I can play any note on my 61 keys keyboard and it will trigger sound,
with 1.1.4 beta RC7, any note I played above Middle C made no sound.

The bug though is on 10.14.6 mac. I didn’t even try installing it on the PC. Not only do the patches sound funny, but I use global transpose at -24 to stop me to having to keep dropping my 61 note keyboard two octaves whenever I am using SubLab (I have a request for a global Transpose on it or being able to lock the current transpose) but any note I played above middle C played no sound. Either on my own patches or factory patches, both in Cubase 10.5.20 using vst3 and the standalone on mac.

It’s not the present. It’s actually just the VST. I can adjust any setting on the VST and some work while others will not. Is this a common problem?