Sublab no sound on playback


Im using studio one 5.2 and after laying down sublab as an instrument track (played baseline from midi keyboard) recording the midi notes (all midi notes scored) on playback the first note or two are played back faintly then can’t hear a thing. I have tried other vst’s with no issues. In fact I have never had this issue in studio one. Though when I go to note settings in sublab all 3 available settings are set to off. I played with them and the only setting that had any affect was fl studio seq mod (i set it to on) then playback didnt play the first two notes. Completely nothing. Set it back to off then I could hear the first two notes. In loop mode (studio one) when it gets back to the beginning of the playback it does the same thing (hearing the first two notes)

I fired up fl studio and placed an instance of sublab… recorded in the same manner and there was no issue with hearing playback. Seems as though sublab is conflicting with studio one somehow.

Any help would be much appreciated as I don’t seem to be the only one with this issue. Hope my feedback will prompt the developer to look into it. If you need me to trouble shoot I am happy to comply. I really like sublab and would be a shame to uninstall it which would make me reluctant in purchasing future product releases.