Sublab not playing back recordings

I hear the bass I play it on midi. I hit record and while I’m recording I hear it but after I stop and hit playback I get the first note or two and volume just goes away I can’t hear a thing but the feed is showing sounds still happening. All my other vst plugins still working just fine on playback. I use studio one 4 with Apollo twin. Midi device is komplete kontrol.

Hey @Sly,

Is there a particular preset that this happens with?


So now it’s gotten worse now none of my sounds from komplete kontrol/Native Instruments or sublab is playing back after recording. It plays while I record but when I play back maybe the first note or two more precisely the first three seconds can be heard and the volume fades and can’t be heard. I even tried bouncing out the midi track to audio wave and the waves only picked up the first note or so too. I don’t get it like I downloaded updates from komplete kontrol and studio one 4 to 4.5.3. and something must have changed. Note with the studio one and komplete kontrol integration there is now the komplete kontrol DAW function I connected. I’m unfamiliar with it and can’t find anything online about it online at the moment.

can you take a screen shot of your entire desktop, SubLab, Komplete Kontrol and Studio One all on screen with the setup that is causing the problem. It definitely is a strange one but we’ll try to get to the bottom of it and help get you up and running!