(high-pitched) issues with SubLab

hi there!

just purchased SubLab and have two issues so far:

  • everything sounds like a high pitched sine wave, even all the presets. i can eventually tweak to get rid of this, but it shouldn’t be sounding like that for all the presets, no?

audio sample of this issue: https://soundcloud.com/jessewarren/sublab-sine-wave/s-UTp8bsm9SD5

  • the plug-in is/was not responding to midi notes - instead it plays all notes at the same root note. then all of a sudden it started responding…and now it will respond to presets, but not my own sub creation. every note sounds the same…

audio sample of this issue: https://soundcloud.com/jessewarren/sublab-midi-problem/s-FsSe77QneyF

sorry if these are rookie mistakes of some sort. thx a lot for your help!

here’s a screenshot of what the plugin looks like when using the Cheeky 808 preset:

Hey @middleWave,

Just looking at the frequencies in the spectrogram window, it looks like the notes you are playing are not in the bass range.

If you jump up to the menu and turn on FL Studio Sequencer mode, it should shift all the high notes down in the bass range. Let me know if this works!


okay cool that worked!

but why were the notes so high in the first place? i recorded the midi notes from 808 samples, and all sounded good/low before running the notes thru SubLab…