What notes am I supposed to play with SubLab?

I got SubLab years ago and have tried SubLab XL but I’ve never been able to use SubLab in a song or find much utility in it.

It just seems like every note I play on it is either crackly and distorted from being played too low or just sounds too high to be a bass part. I have never been able to produce what sounds like a normal and quality bass/808 note in it. Everything either seems too high or too low.

What octave am I supposed to be playing this in?

I’m currently using 36 (the midi note) as my lowest note because any lower and it starts to distort. But as I go up that octave it seems to get too high to sound like a bass.

So I never get a useable result from SubLab. What is the lowest playable note supposed to be? What octave should I be using?

Hey @calixo,

Are you using FL Studio? If you are find the notes are sounding too high, then go the settings page and set the keyboard to play lower notes. See the image below:

Also try the first “Analog Moog 808” preset, that should be totally smooth sound and not distorted. If it sounds distorted ( and your using FL Studio ) then I have another fix for you!


I don’t use FL Studio. What is the root note supposed to be of the plugins because the 3 lowest octaves sound terrible with every preset and above that sounds too high?