No Sound from Sub section

Hello, I have downloaded Sub-XL but I do not have any sounds from Subs . Analog works but I can’t cant get anything from the subs. I am running Win 10. Am I missing something?

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If you are in FL Studio, then I think what might be happening is that the notes are too high for SubLab XL.

Quick fix is to set “Octave Offset” to -3…just means that the notes FL Studio sends in, will be shifted dow to the bass range. Let me know if that works…

Thank you Gavin, I am in MPC Studio MK2.

Ok, so can you still try changing the octave offset?

Also when you play notes in XL, do you hear a sound, but it is not bass notes that are playing?

Well it appears I am not fully loaded. I don’t have the settings menu at all. It’s like I am not activated. Can you check that?

belay my last. I see the menu now. Let me check.

Okay so I changed the octives. The only thing I get is the synthesiser in everything I choose. If I change to another preset it’s the same.

I’m not sure what could be up @KeitheB…have you checked some of the youtube tutorials just to make sure your getting the correct sound?

Also, let me try on Monday with the Akai software…I’m downloading and installing now.

Are you using the akai drum pads for control or a midi keyboard?

Sorry for all the questions, but if you can give me more info I’ll get closer to helping!

Just an update, I’ve download Akai studio, but haven’t been able to get it to launch due to some issues with iLok.

We’re working on an update this next couple of days, but once it is out I will spend some more time on getting Akai Studio to run.