SubLab X-sub not working

Im using Sublab inside FL Studio 20, windows 10. The X-sub feature does not work. I push up X-sub in the mixer but I hear no difference and it does not show a purple x-sub reading in the mixer. It does not matter how I mess with the sub and harmonics, x-sub does not seem to work. The rest of Sublab seems to work. How to resolve this issue?
Im on an ASUS ROG x64

Hey @Thehypnotist,

That is a strange one. First try clicking the icon on top of the mixer, this works as mute button and it might be that mute is turned on. The other thing you can then check the volume of the Sub and the Harmonics. If you go to to the X-Sub panel (purple button on the top of the panel marked “x-sub”. The when you are on that panel, then try adjusting the “lows” and “harmonics” sliders", I’ve attached an image of these sliders below.

Let me know if this works!


Hi, I understand how to use X-sub inside sublab. It doesnt work. it doesnt matter if I click the icon or adjust the harmonics. None of the presets are using X-sub either. X-sub never activates.

It works for me inside Reaper, but not FL 20. Here is a picture of X-sub working in Reaper

I’m having the same issue with the new update. The x-sub works in Logic but not in Ableton. This is the reason I bought this plug-in. Please advise or possibly make version 1 of the plug-in available again so I can use this important feature.

Ah yes, I know what this is. X-Sub only works when you are playing bass notes. Can you try playing notes C0, C1 etc and see if you can hear X-Sub. The reason of this is that when testing people found it strange to play higher notes and then still hear X-Sub. Let me know if playing the lower notes starts X-Sub to sound!


That fixed it, Gavin. Thanks!

That fixed my issue. This is a bit inconvenient inside FL since the sequencer defaults to C5, its nice to have bass sitting in that range for quick programming and to match the notes with ghost notes from melody tracks. I should be able to use C5 and drop it a few octaves inside the plugin, isnt that why the oscillator can be set to -3 octaves? Whatever though, im just glad its working now. Thank you

Hey @Thehypnotist

Someone mentioned this on a youtube comment also. I’ll add a setting in SubLab so it shifts everything up three octaves.