Can't figure out X-Sub pitch bends/notes outside of one octave

I recently bought Sublab and I love the sounds it makes, but I’m having issues with the X-Sub portion of the plugin. I’m having trouble with two things - bass note bends and notes higher than the single octave range. I read some past posts and it seems like this is due to the design of X-Sub only going from C#0 - C1 and I’m wondering if there’s a setting anywhere that has since been added which would allow me to change this.

Right now, if I bend certain notes an octave up or down, the x-sub part “jumps” or resets back within its range, causing the overall pitch of the bend to have a strange hiccup in it. To fix this I’ve had to disable x-sub on bends and add a replacement sub-layer with another synth so it bends properly… not ideal. I’m running into a related issue where bass notes that are too high for the range end up sounding LOWER than the previous note, because the x-sub jumps back down. I don’t want to replace the x-sub portion in so many parts of my song tbh…

Any help (or a new feature down the road to address this) would be greatly appreciated!

  • Refl3xes

edit: I’m using SubLab in Ableton Live 10, if that matters

Can you reach out to Sunlab tech support and let us know the workaround or fix?

Not ideal for sure @Refl3xes, what you really want to happen is that it bends up without wrapping around.

One idea would be to have it bend up or we can also extend the range of X-Sub.

We’re working on an update here and will have a look at how best to implement it.

Thanks for the patience!