Sublab XL Pitch Bend resets mid note

Loving the new SublabXL but running into a weird issue with pitchbends and glides.

System: Mac OS Mavericks
Plugin Version Tested: Both 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 Beta
DAW: Ableton Live 11.2.5
Plugin Format: AU/VST/VST3 - all same behavior

Main Issue - When trying to pitch bend or glide notes, the pitch resets after 1-1.5 bars and then pitches down again. It does not hold the pitch where it needs to be, and does it at somewhat random intervals between notes. I have tried messing with all the glide parameters to no avail, it seems like the plugin has a bug not holding the midi pitch envelopes correctly and wants to retrigger/reset no matter what.


  • Create a note that lasts longer than 4 bars,
  • Create a midi pitch envelope or glide note than starts halfway through the note and continues to the end of the first note.
  • The result is the sound of the bend goes up and down rather than constantly being held

Hopefully this will be address soon since the workaround I am using does not sound as natural as just using a pitchbend or note glide.


Hey @teambanzai,

Just recreating your steps, does the image below look like what you have in your Live set? Can you also take a picture of the midi notes you have and post here?

After messing around more it seems like Xsub doesn’t want to hold the pitch to whatever the note is bent/gliding to, or go above or below 1 octave. I tested this in Pro Tools as well and same behavior. Trying to just hold the pitch wheel down or up on a midi controller does not lock the sound to whatever the pitch bend range is. It just bounces up and down between the pitch range.

I found an older thread about the original Sublab having a xsub_wrap option being changed in the settings.xml and tried that on both Sublab and SublabXL but still the same behavior.